[Squeak Announcements] [ANN] Discovery 0.1 - a Bonjour-like service finder in pure Squeak

Masashi UMEZAWA masashi.umezawa at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 14:10:40 UTC 2006


I've implemented a Bonjour(Rendezvous)-like thing in Squeak.
You can publish network services in a few steps, and clients will know
the services automatically.


- Uses simple tab and CR separated text format to describe services.
- Uses lightweight UDP multicast/broadcast protocol.
- Supports publish, search, and notification of services.
- Provides adapter for publishing existing KomServices.


"Publishing (in server)"
pub := DsPublisher defaultForMulticast
		registerServiceNamed: 'SuperSwikiService1'
		host: 'someServer'
		port: 8080
		maxAge: 5.
pub start.

"Notification - passively receive the existence of services (in client)"
DsLocator default when: #ServiceAdded send: #serviceAdded: to:

"Searching - actively search services (in client)"
DsSearcher default searchAll.

The framework can be used for dynamic discoveries of some cool
services (Magma, NetMorph, etc). Clients no longer need some 'server
location' files.

[:masashi | ^umezawa]

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