[Squeak Announcements] [ANN] Monticello Rename

Noury Bouraqadi bouraqadi at ensm-douai.fr
Fri Apr 28 13:23:17 UTC 2006


This is the first of a (short) serie of annoucements.

MonticelloRename extends Monticello with the ability to rename a 
It often happened to me to start a package with a first name and then 
find a better name.
MonticelloRename automates the name change (class and method 
categories, package name, ...).
Actually, it does not delete the original package, creates a package 
with the new name, moves methods and classes and unloads the originale 

Download at http://www.squeaksource.com/MonticelloRename.html

Dr. Noury Bouraqadi - Enseignant/Chercheur
Ecole des Mines de Douai - Dept. G.I.P

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