[Squeak Announcements] [ANN] Magma 1.1

Chris Muller chris at funkyobjects.org
Sat Jan 7 01:29:28 CET 2006

After months of careful work and "growing pain" I am
pleased to announce the newest release of Magma. 
Magma "1.1" is my earnest attempt to answer complex
security requirements; encryption, authentication and
authorization, in an object-oriented way.

Striving for high security, high transparency, and a
straight-forward implementation, the main objective
has been to permit a two-tier architecture, Magma
servers running naked on the Net, safe from malicious

Also notable is strict adherence to the philosophy
that no sensitive information ever leaves the image
memory so, for example, even attackers heisting the db
files directly from the OS will find all Byte buffers
are encrypted.

Specific information can be found at:


The three "Loader" packages on SqueakSource now load
1.1.  Note "Cryptography 0.3" from SqueakMap is now
required.  I will get SqueakMap updated in the next
few days (I have spaces in my package names so I have
to figure it out).

This is a significant release in several ways.  For
posterity I have saved a new package, "Magma1.0," the
prior version without security, for posterity.


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