[Newbies] Stop a script for a second

Randy Goldenberg randy.goldenberg at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 18:15:04 UTC 2006

On Monday December 04, 2006, Ned Konz wrote: 

> The attached image is an example of a very simple state machine that 
> provides the kinds of delays that would work in your application 
> (provided you write your program correctly, of course!). 


I tried setting up things as pictured in the attached
image, but my ellipse won't change colour. If I open up a
viewer for it, I can see the colour assigned to
"StateTest's color" changing, but on the ellipse itself
nothing seems to be happening.

In order to write the scripts as shown, I created two
stateTest variables, one called "currentState", which is
assigned a script, and "delay", which is assigned a
number. What else do I need to do (or undo) to get the
ellipse to change colour?

(It also seemed odd to me that "stateTest's color" doesn't
appear in the category "color & border". To get at it, I
had to search on "color". Why is that?)



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