[Newbies] Transfering scripts (was: Stop a script for a second)

Randy Goldenberg randy.goldenberg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 01:41:54 UTC 2006

On Saturday December 16, 2006, Bert Freudenberg wrote: 

> Yes. You are actually scripting a separate object, called a "player".  
> A player can wear different "customes", which is the object you see  
> on screen. So just make your scripted object wear a different custome  
> (there is a tile for that).

Is that the "look like" tile? I tried using that to make
the SketchMorph object "look like" the Ellipse. The
SketchMorph did then take on the appearance of the
Ellipse, but the scripts that only work if the scripted
object *is* an Ellipse didn't work. (I tried it the other
way around too (Ellipse look like SketchMorph), just to
make sure I hadn't got things backwards, but the scripts
still didn't run.) Am I following your suggestion

I also tried copying and pasting the scripts from the
SketchMorph into the Ellipse, but that didn't work out
either. I did manage to toggle from tile to text and do
the cut and paste operation, but when I tried to then
revert back to tiles it seemed that the changes I had made
would be discarded.

Also, what are "morphs" and "players"? I see them
mentioned in pop up menus, but don't know what the words
mean in the context of eToys.



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