[Newbies] 3.9 issues...

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Dec 23 09:53:39 UTC 2006

On 23.12.2006, at 10:40, Blake wrote:

> I've finally had a chance to play with the Squeak 3.9 release under  
> Windows.
> I like the main toolbar, the look and functionality. It causes an  
> error if I click on the view-world-hierarchy icon, a particularlly  
> frustrating one since it doesn't actually appear and the screen  
> seems to lock up unless you tab to Squeak. This doesn't seem like  
> it's fully done, so I'm not sweating it.

The Toolbar is from SmallLand... it's not enabled by default, thus is  
never got tested. Back when we did the merge of SmallLand, I hoped  
that the Smallland
peopel would use (and test) this, but they did not, at least we got  
no fixes after the big merge. Nevertheless, I think it was good to  
have 3.9 as a mergepoint between
SqueakLand/SmallLand and Squeak.org, even if it turned out that  
neither SmallLand nor SqueakLand ever had a look.

> What really is troubling me is that I can't seem to make the  
> Workspace work. I'm not sure if the key-bindings have been changed  
> to Ctrl from Alt, but neither Ctrl nor Alt + D/I don't seem to  
> work, i.e, there's no indication that they're doing anything, they  
> don't seem to produce any results (although the D seems to  
> occasionally erase everything selected).

No problem at all here.


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