[Newbies] 3.9 issues...

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Dec 23 16:38:46 UTC 2006

On 23.12.2006, at 10:58, Blake wrote:

>>> What really is troubling me is that I can't seem to make the  
>>> Workspace work. I'm not sure if the key-bindings have been  
>>> changed to Ctrl from Alt, but neither Ctrl nor Alt + D/I don't  
>>> seem to work, i.e, there's no indication that they're doing  
>>> anything, they don't seem to produce any results (although the D  
>>> seems to occasionally erase everything selected).
>> No problem at all here.
> I should also point out that the "Do it again" menu item doesn't  
> seem to do anything (but ocasionally erase the contents of the  
> workspace)

I personally don't use that, so I have no idea... it has nothing to  
do with "do it", the only useful I know of is to do a "search and  
replace" and repeat it over and over
again. And that seems to work here.

> and there is no inspect or "do it" menu item.

No problem here, the Worspace has "inspect it"  and "do it".

How do you open a Worskpace?

> Are you using Windows (XP SP2), Markus?

No, Mac OS X.


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