[Newbies] bbc radio4 got a good program on history of modern education

A. a.redeft at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 21:52:41 UTC 2006

Hi all,


I still don't have time to actually get start with Squeak or Croquet, but
been reading and thinking about S Papert and Alan Kay etc, for sometime
(like a decade) - and I found listening to those programs giving me some
very captivating moments.

Program title has 'childhood' emphasized but it is possible to say the
entire program is about some elements/ingredients of history of modern
education - how it has been.

I heard episode 3 - about Locke and Rousseau, and I thought of posting to
this list but hesitated. Just now hearing about Dickens and Christmas -
episode 4, made me decided not to think about twice.

I wonder this might be more suitable for squeak-dev list, but I am not a
subscriber to that list, so if someone finds it's adequate, please post the
link. I wonder it might also be interesting or meaningful to people working
on OLPC too.

Hope some find it good and useful.


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