[Newbies] transferring .image from mac to pc

jacob remin remin at elgen.dk
Thu Dec 28 16:33:04 UTC 2006

yes, the copy was drag-and-drop via USB stick.

the versions im running are:
for windows: Squeak3.9-final-7067.image
for mac: squeak3.8-6665full.image
this is information from the file names... where can i actually see the 
build/version information?

i think its quite peculiar that the crash.dmp writes: "Version: Squeak 
3.7.1 (release) from Sep 23 2004", since this version was not involved 
at any point?

i see now that the latest stable version is 3.7.1. is it better to stick 
to that one, when just starting out?



Kyle Hamilton wrote:
> If you did a drag-and-drop file copy, it's unlikely that any
> conversion would take place.  What are the versions and builds of the
> VMs you're using on the Mac and Windows?
> -Kyle H
> On 12/28/06, jacob remin <remin at elgen.dk> wrote:
>> what do you mean?
>> i have just copied the files from one computer to the other. can any
>> convertion happen during that action?
>> /j
>> Kyle Hamilton wrote:
>> > Make sure that you transfer the file without converting carriage
>> > returns to CRLF -- i.e., in binary mode, not text mode.
>> >
>> > -Kyle H
>> >
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