[Newbies] basicFormat method missing in SHTextStylerST80?

Mark Aufflick mark-st at aufflick.com
Mon Jul 3 06:58:42 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I think that my smalltalk conversion will be much nicer if I can get
the SVI emacs-like environments up and running.

The editor and workspace work great, but the SVI ClassBrowser  fails
at the following point:

	basicStyle: (aText _ styler basicFormat: t asText).

Where styler is an instance of SHTextStylerST80. Problem is it has no
basicFormat method. The only reference to a basicFOrmat method via
google is:


which is hardly useful in this case, although it does point to the
function of the method.

First, can anyone suggest a change to the code or a wrapper
implementation of basicFOrmat?

This also points to a challenge that the ST community has with regards
to it's use of traditional SCM. Since most coding projects (say Rails)
use a "standard" text based SCM like CVS or subversion, they can run
simple web interfaces allowing access to all versions of all source
files. A huge benefit of that is that I can google for some class and
method names (that may be in either an upcoming version or may have
been deprecated years ago) and I will often find the source that
implements that method which is a good starting point, even if noone
has ever mentioned my specific issue.

There don't seem to be any such online viewable repositories of, say,
the squeak core. Is there any kind of repositary that would be
suitable for putting a read only web front end on? Ideally with more
granularity than just the snapshots of released image versions.



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