[Newbies] Re: basicFormat method missing in SHTextStylerST80?

Mark Aufflick mark-st at aufflick.com
Mon Jul 3 07:05:34 UTC 2006

BTW, the line quoted is from PluggableSVIShoutMapMorph>>preStyleText.
If I replace basicStyle: with unstyledTextFrom: (the only method
listed in the 'converting' catgory of SHTextStylerST80's instance
methods) the browser will launch, but I don't have styled text...

On 7/3/06, Mark Aufflick <mark-st at aufflick.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I think that my smalltalk conversion will be much nicer if I can get
> the SVI emacs-like environments up and running.
> The editor and workspace work great, but the SVI ClassBrowser  fails
> at the following point:
>         basicStyle: (aText _ styler basicFormat: t asText).
> Where styler is an instance of SHTextStylerST80. Problem is it has no
> basicFormat method. The only reference to a basicFOrmat method via
> google is:
> http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/squeak-dev/2004-April/077901.html
> which is hardly useful in this case, although it does point to the
> function of the method.
> First, can anyone suggest a change to the code or a wrapper
> implementation of basicFOrmat?
> This also points to a challenge that the ST community has with regards
> to it's use of traditional SCM. Since most coding projects (say Rails)
> use a "standard" text based SCM like CVS or subversion, they can run
> simple web interfaces allowing access to all versions of all source
> files. A huge benefit of that is that I can google for some class and
> method names (that may be in either an upcoming version or may have
> been deprecated years ago) and I will often find the source that
> implements that method which is a good starting point, even if noone
> has ever mentioned my specific issue.
> There don't seem to be any such online viewable repositories of, say,
> the squeak core. Is there any kind of repositary that would be
> suitable for putting a read only web front end on? Ideally with more
> granularity than just the snapshots of released image versions.
> Cheers,
> Mark.
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 w: mark.aufflick.com
 p: +61 438 700 647
 f: +61 2 9436 4737

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