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Thank you very much for your fast response.
I have a given program (written in squaek) and i want to automate the program from an other program (e.g. Excel). Is it possible to expose interfaces of classes (written in squeak) like it is possible with MS-COM or CORBA or do i have to write an adapter (maybe via TCP/IP?) for such reasons. I want to automate this program (call Squeak methods) with an other program written in VB6, and i wanted to know if there is any simple way to 'communicate' with squaek programs.

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Am 03.07.2006 um 11:30 schrieb Loew Uwe (DS/EES1):

> Hello community,
> is it possible, to call a method of a Squeak class by another  
> windows programm, e.g. Excel, via an API interface?

Not easily. Not impossible either, though - what kind of API do you  
have in mind? Knowing a bit more about the problem might help giving  
a more specific answer.

- Bert -

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