[Newbies] Will EToys Teach Me to Program in Squeak?

Greg Smith brucegregory at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 6 16:34:14 UTC 2006


I am entering the field of programming having no prior experience.   
I'm not a kid, age-wise, anyway.  It seems every programming language  
I have encountered makes assumptions about my prior knowledge, (that  
I have some), and the teachers of these languages use strange and  
alien terminology to describe actions that I am already unfamiliar  
with.  The teachers, (online tutorials), use terminology that is  
familiar to themselves to explain new concepts, but is unfamiliar and  
vague to me.

For these reasons I am looking toward using the EToys, children's  
software, as a means to obtain a total introduction to programming,  
in general, and to Squeak, specifically.  Is this the self-education  
route I should take, or is there a better "adult" pathway for learning?

I actually wish that EToys was introduced and structured so that it  
specifically was aimed at teaching me to program rather than to teach  
me Mathematics and Science.  But maybe it will do both.

Please let me know,

Greg Smith

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