[Newbies] Rotated Text, Animation and .png Sequences

Greg Smith brucegregory at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 8 21:34:26 UTC 2006


I've been able to get really good results with standard text objects  
found in Squeak, except when I rotate them.  All the antialiasing  
goes out the window.  Any way to fix that?

The same thing happens when I import .png files with alpha channel.   
They look great, full-sized and even when I scale them down.  But  
antialiasing is destroyed the moment I rotate the graphic.  What  
occurs to me is that, if I want to animate a graphic rotating, I  
should just produce the animation externally and import it into  
Squeak, either as a sequence of 32 bit .png images or one at a time.   
It would be crucial to preserve the transparent background of the  
images so that they can be used as a "sprite".  What is the step by  
step procedure for doing this in the most economical fashion?

To choreograph several animations that respond to various user input,  
I'm used to creating this with a timeline analogy as the means,  with  
"actions" applied, either at a given time, or as a result of a user's  
action.  What is the procedure for creating a scene with several  
animations that indicate different states of the same object, which  
appear as a result of user input, (for example, a simple mouseclick)?


Greg Smith

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