[Newbies] Q: Standard Lisps on the Squeak VM?

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Mon Jul 10 15:26:53 UTC 2006

Hello Stéphane, 

Can you help to answer David's questions?

Thanks for your help!

Ron Teitelbaum
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> For a variety of reasons, I have a hunch that a Lisp would be a useful
> language for building Croquet worlds.
> So, I browsed the Squeak Map and saw several Lisp implementations for
> Squeak.
> While I appreciate that most of them are proof-of-concept experiments,
> one of them may prove useful for practical programming.  If you have
> already looked at any of these Lisps, you may be able to help me
> choose which to investigate more deeply:  Which of the Squeak Lisps
> came closest to implementing a standard Lisp (either R5RS Scheme or
> ANSI Common Lisp)?
> I have some extra questions as a postscript.
> --
> David Corking
> p.s.
> 1. Are any of them Lisp compilers rather than straight interpreters?
> 2. Did any of them target the Squeak VM bytecode, rather than
> translate to full Smalltalk-80?
> 3. Are there any proprietary Lisps that run inside Smalltalk?
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