[Newbies] About Pier and Squeak

Serdar Sahin squeak at hebux.com
Tue Jul 11 01:08:43 UTC 2006


I want to install pier to my Linux server. I have downloaded pier and seaside from squeakmap, then i have saved it, then i have uploaded it to my server that image. I have started the headless squeak with that image. But it doesn't worked. I should give some commands (like wakom 8080). But i cannot write command to the headless server. I don't have any gui. So, how can i save the seaside when it works. I have started seaside with "wakom" command then i have saved it. But when i restart the seaside it did not work. In shortly, i have to write some commands to the headless server or i have to save the seaside when it works..


sorry for my english..
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