[Newbies] wxSqueak: How/Where do I find GUI object params, e.g., for Checkbox: style: wxNoBorder

Brooks Bridges brookermau at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 12 09:30:14 UTC 2006

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the response. I tried it, it worked, but it
just gives me an immense list of similar constants and
tells me what each ones ID is if I click on it. No
clue as to what class each is associated with. 

What I really want to know is the names of other
constants  associated with a checkbox. I've tried
inspecting WxCheckBox and its parent WxControl and its
parent WxWindow: no joy.  Again, this is really a
generic question; I just picked WxCheckBox as an
illustrative example.

Any more ideas?

--- Steve Moffitt <stevia at citlink.net> wrote:

> Hi Brooks -- I already see that was not what you
> wanted try  
> WxBootstrap constants and cmd-I it ( inspect it ).
> Steve
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