[Newbies] Re: YAXO package won't update

Mike O'Brien obrien at rush.aero.org
Wed Jul 12 17:35:23 UTC 2006

Herbert Koening said:

> have you tried SMSqueakMap bootStrap from a workspace?
> Symptons on Win are different but I think SqueakMap doesn't work out
> of the box.

	It does and it doesn't.  When you fire up the SqueakMap
Package Installer from the "open..." desktop menu for the very
first time, the first thing it does is update itself from
SqueakMap 2.0 to SqueakMap 2.2.  After that it seems to work fine.

	It successfully upgraded several other packages first,
including VMMaker.  It's only YAXO that fails.  I thought I
should tell somebody.

Mike O'Brien

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