[Squeakland] [Newbies] Squeak/eToys manual?

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Thu Jul 13 13:46:29 UTC 2006

Greetings --

I'll chime in here a bit re tutorials and projects on the Squeakland 
website.  The tutorials are actually arranged more chronologically 
than sequenced from "beginner to more advanced".  The site was 
launched with the "handles" , "paint" and "drive a car" tutorial and 
when newer materials and tutorials were created and added we placed 
them "higher" on the page, to be found first as new 
additions/materials to the website.   Reading this thread of 
discussion makes me realize we should consider revamping the 
tutorials section of the site.

We also welcome anyone "out there" who has created tutorials (and 
examples) for their own/student use to share as we'd love to post 
more!  Our resouces/people power at Viewpoints is quite limited so I 
am sorry to say we haven't been able to turn out more for you 
all...and as anyone who has written examples know, it is time 
consuming.  The expectation has always been that the community would 
contribute to this base and help grow the body of work/materials 

There are many links to other etoys on the site -- be sure to check 
the "community" section and visit the links from there:
  there are some great exemplars out there.

thanks for the comments,

Join us at SqueakFest next week!  Chicago.... 

At 11:57 AM +0100 7/13/06, David Corking wrote:
>crossposting beginners and squeakland to keep the thread together.
>>  On 2006 July 10 04:28, John Kershaw wrote:
>>  > Yes, I've been through those tutorials, and they're good, (though not sure
>>  > why the extremely advanced Kedama tutorial is placed first) but they're
>>  > only enough to whet one's appetite. Surely the paint/handles/car tutorials
>>  > should be the first of 20 or 30 tutorials, graded by difficulty/chapter,
>>  > with Kedema being the 'Final Boss' tutorial?
>>  >
>>  > And where are the 'eToy a week' projects Alan talks about? I'd 
>>like to have
>>  > a butcher's at those!
>There is an Etoys link on the website site map, to here,
>There are a few dozen, but it does not seem to be updated with new
>Build your own Etoys with the project guides
>There are only three Etoys of the month, here:
>If you want more Etoys and Projects, download them from _inside_
>Squeak.  Go to the Navigator flap, click Find, and then click
>"Squeakland-Projects"  This is a largely different set to those on the
>website, but you will find an Etoy template and several versions of
>the toys from the tutorials in there.
>I am sure someone will fix this in the website redesign.
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