[Newbies] Sqeak install from source under linux problem

Mike O'Brien obrien at rush.aero.org
Mon Jul 17 20:30:42 UTC 2006

> ...I would suggest that you get an up to date version.
> You can find this at www.squeakvm.org/unix. The files at this site are
> maintained by the creator of the unix VM for Squeak, and they are
> always the most stable and up-to-date available.

	I can vouch for the quality of this work.  I myself
run FreeBSD.  The precompiled binary is for FreeBSD-4, which is
on the brink of being desupported by the FreeBSD core team.
It doesn't run on the current release of FreeBSD 6.1.  However,
the UNIX sources are well-enough maintained that they compile
out of the box without error on FreeBSD 6.1, and run just fine.

Mike O'Brien

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