[Newbies] TOTO List

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Tue Jul 18 17:48:17 UTC 2006

...and if you choose method 3 you could create a scriptable button on
your desktop and use this code as its script:

SystemNavigation default browseAllCallsOn: #todo

and set its action to occur on "Mouse up".  Now you've got a simple tool
to browse all of your "todo's".

Details (creating a button using "point and click"):

1) Drag a Sciptable Button morph from the Supplies flap onto your desktop
2) Raise the halo on that button and click the "Show viewer" halo button
(looks like an eye).  A viewer should appear on the right hand side of
your screen
3) In the viewer click on a pink pop-down menu (usually "basic" is
availble...click on it) and select "scripts".
4) Drag an emptyScript tile onto your desktop
5) Click the empty square (the third widget from the left) to indicate
that you will enter Smalltalk source code directly.  You should see this:

    ^ self

6) Change this script to:

    SystemNavigation default browseAllCallsOn: #todo

7) With focus still in the source code window press alt-s to save the
script (or right click and pick "accept" from the menu)
8) Click on the pop-up menu currently labeled "normal" and change it to
9) Test that things are working by clicking your button (it is probably
currenltly labeled "Press Me")
10) If things are working click the circle icon (second from the left)
in the script editor morph and the same icon in the viewer to hide both
of them.
11) Raise the halo on your button again but this time select the red
"Menu" halo button.
12) Select "change label" from this menu and set the label of your
button to something you like (such as "Browse TODO list")
13) Use the halo to change the color (I'll leave this one to you)

There are two alternatives to the steps above which you might want to try:

a) Use "change target", "change action selector" and "change arguments"
from the red halo menu
b) Write code to create the button



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