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Tue Jul 18 18:34:46 UTC 2006

thanks a lot :D

On 7/18/06, David Shaffer <cdshaffer at acm.org> wrote:
> ...and if you choose method 3 you could create a scriptable button on
> your desktop and use this code as its script:
> SystemNavigation default browseAllCallsOn: #todo
> and set its action to occur on "Mouse up".  Now you've got a simple tool
> to browse all of your "todo's".
> Details (creating a button using "point and click"):
> 1) Drag a Sciptable Button morph from the Supplies flap onto your desktop
> 2) Raise the halo on that button and click the "Show viewer" halo button
> (looks like an eye).  A viewer should appear on the right hand side of
> your screen
> 3) In the viewer click on a pink pop-down menu (usually "basic" is
> availble...click on it) and select "scripts".
> 4) Drag an emptyScript tile onto your desktop
> 5) Click the empty square (the third widget from the left) to indicate
> that you will enter Smalltalk source code directly.  You should see this:
> script1
>     ^ self
> 6) Change this script to:
> script1
>     SystemNavigation default browseAllCallsOn: #todo
> 7) With focus still in the source code window press alt-s to save the
> script (or right click and pick "accept" from the menu)
> 8) Click on the pop-up menu currently labeled "normal" and change it to
> "mouseUp"
> 9) Test that things are working by clicking your button (it is probably
> currenltly labeled "Press Me")
> 10) If things are working click the circle icon (second from the left)
> in the script editor morph and the same icon in the viewer to hide both
> of them.
> 11) Raise the halo on your button again but this time select the red
> "Menu" halo button.
> 12) Select "change label" from this menu and set the label of your
> button to something you like (such as "Browse TODO list")
> 13) Use the halo to change the color (I'll leave this one to you)
> There are two alternatives to the steps above which you might want to try:
> a) Use "change target", "change action selector" and "change arguments"
> from the red halo menu
> b) Write code to create the button
> HTH,
> David
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