[Newbies] How to lay a morph down automatically

Mike O'Brien obrien at rush.aero.org
Tue Jul 25 23:51:56 UTC 2006

> I tried that exact code under Squeak 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9beta-7041 and it
> worked as expected in all of them.

	I don't understand either.  I tried it again and this
time it worked.  I can only infer that hitting ESC and then doIt
from the context menu picked up either too little or too much text.

	Last time I used Smalltalk was in the ST80 days.  Back
then, hitting ESC highlighted the text before you picked doIt.
These days, it doesn't highlight till after the doIt, so you're
slightly in the dark as to what you're actually executing.

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