[Newbies] Can't file in project with SqueakMap code in it

Mike O'Brien obrien at rush.aero.org
Fri Jul 28 22:45:03 UTC 2006

	I filed out a project with a SqueakMap package in it
(in addition to my own code).  Attempting to file it into a
clean 3.8-6665 image fails.  The package in question is
XPMReadWriter, and after grinding a bit, I get a Debugger:

UndefinedObject(Object) >> doesNotUnderstand: #commentStamp:prior:

	The Compiler is trying to evaluate:

'XPMReadWriter commentStamp: ''<historical>'' prior: 0'

	XPMReadWriter isn't defined at this point.

	Is this a problem with the order in which Project files
are written?  It's just possible that I first loaded XPMReadWriter
before creating this project, then loaded it in again.  Would
this result in such a Project file?

	The problem was cured by manually loading the XPMReadWriter
SqueakMap package first, then filing in the Project.  That
worked fine.  I'm just trying to understand what happened.

	FWIW, though, when the project opened up, all of the
previously existing windows had bold-face font in all panes.
New windows were created using the correct font, however.

Mike O'Brien

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