[Newbies] Can't file in project with SqueakMap code in it

Mike O'Brien obrien at rush.aero.org
Fri Jul 28 22:59:18 UTC 2006

>         Is this a problem with the order in which Project files
> are written?  It's just possible that I first loaded XPMReadWriter
> before creating this project, then loaded it in again.  Would
> this result in such a Project file?

	It's possible this is what happened.  I just tried
an experiment where I started with a clean image of 3.8-6665,
updated SqueakMap, created a new Project, entered it, loaded
XPMReadWriter, wrote out a Project file, then abandoned the image
and loaded the new Project file into a clean image with
an updated SqueakMap.  That project file loaded without error.
It looks like if you reload a class into an image that already
has the class defined, what goes into the changeSet won't
file in correctly to an image that's never seen the new
class before.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

	On my original image that gave rise to this problem,
I also got a popup about blocks playing with instance variables,
which I didn't understand even after browsing the debugger
that resulted.  Pointers as to what that's all about would be
appreciated: I couldn't even make enough sense of what it
was trying to tell me (the Debugger opened on methods deep
inside the squeak parser) to determine whether this was
related to the problem of filing in the Project file.

Mike O'Brien

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