[Newbies] Login procedure

Marko Koivuniemi koimark at iki.fi
Mon Jun 5 20:13:49 UTC 2006

Greetings from Finland. I am very excited about Squeak and SmallTalk - I
have find myself trying and exploring new programming things and that
hasn't happen since days of Commodore 64.

Now I am trying to build (with one partner) a program which uses MySQL.
I wonder what would be best way to do login screen and actual program.

Now we have morphs in windows which has login and password fields and
button. At this time idea is that this startup screen test login
information and then sends user (or user id) to another screen.

I tested various styles and this kind of test "works" with button.

test := DatabaseTest new.
loginbutton := MyButtonMorph new send: #executeTest to: test";

But what would be the best way to send many variables or values with
button click. (I have couple TextFieldMorphs storing values)

I have googled a lot - and most examples deals scriptable buttons. (And
that is something I am not familiar with - as a novice I must see code
and try different things and see what's happening...)


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