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Hello Benjamin,

BS> I apologize if this question has already been posted, but i did not find it.
This is what we are here for!

BS> i wanted to know if it is possible to make a self executable
BS> file with a squeak package or more packages. Just so that someone

Basic steps:
Deliver a package containing the VM (under an arbitrary name) and an
image as well as a Startup which starts the VM with the image.

This package is created by abandoning the changes file, disabling
programmer facilities and either having the image in a state you like
your application to start or adding your application to squeaks

You can find a bit more in my reply here re:Starting of 3.6.2006 and
re:What kind of application for Squeak of 22.5.06 where I attached
some files how I do it. Sorry I'm offline so I can't post links.

Feel free to ask for details, I did it just once and will look up how
I did it if the above mentioned doesn't help.

BS> can use it without using squeak or even without having it. I heard
BS> about stripers what is it and how does it work?

When strippers are mentioned on Squeak dev usually the goal is to get
a smaller image for development, the focus is different but one could
remove the programmers facility this way too. What you want to look
for is "deploy" or "deployment" instead of shrinking or stripping.

The product Klaus mentioned in his reply is IMHO from Impara, they are
around here too and may have done it a different way.

From habit I would use InnoSetup (for Delphi) to create the setup. I
faintly seem to remember rumors on Squeakdev about more smalltalkish
ways for setups. VW has built in tools for that.

This is all for Windows.

BS> thanks for the time you'll take.
You're welcome!


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