[Newbies] Chess Object problem

Kevin Kingdon kevin_kingdon at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 7 19:13:36 UTC 2006

I just downloaded the latest stable (3.8) version of
squeak for Linux and for Windows. After a little
exploration, I found the chess object. I dragged it to
the desktop, but the first time I touched a piece, it
threw an exception (smallInteger>>asciiValue not
understood). A couple of days later, after
(re-)learning some Smalltalk, I found where a byte
array was being passed to a String method that
expected a String parameter. A small fix later
(sending "asString" to the byte array) and the chess
program seemed to be working.

A few of questions:
1) If this is a known problem with a known fix, how
could I have discovered that?

2) Is there a way to save/update code from the
debugger? (I made the change in the class browser.)

3) If this is not a known problem, where/how do I make
my fix available for everyone?

Kevin W. Kingdon

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