[Newbies] Re: Accessing projects from a Web page

Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at cobss.com
Sun Jun 11 05:50:34 UTC 2006

On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 23:58:09 +0200, Brad Fuller wrote:
> Klaus D. Witzel wrote:
>> On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 12:45:37 +0200, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> Am 10.06.2006 um 11:29 schrieb Klaus D. Witzel:
>>>>> This test page assumes you actually use Squeakland's
>>>>> SqueakPlugin.image. That image has the "golden" navigator flap
>>>>> enabled by default.
>>>> I believe that is indeed the case, it says 'Squeakland 3.8-05 of 1
>>>> September 2005'. I use it for the Petri net demo
>>>> - http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~scg/Teaching/CP/PetriNets/
>>>>> Using the Squeakland image, the world menu fits on the screen for me.
>>>> Not that I did expect the following but, enlarging the Opera web
>>>> page to 150% did the job, the menu now fits :)
>>> I suspect that you ran that image manually and saved it
>>> (accidentally) with some non-default preferences.
>> No (did not run the image manually) and yes (saved the image from the
>> Opera browser after install+update code from server) and no
>> (non-default preferences): downloading a fresh copy from
>>  - http://squeakland.org/installers/SqueakPlugin.image.zip
>> this one says 'Squeakland 3.8-05 latest update: #481 Current Change
>> Set: Unnamed1' and also has no "golden" navigator flap (but "show
>> shared flaps" are enabled on the world menu, as before).
>> Perhaps a platform (Opera, WinXP) specific difference? Should there be
>> any other files (besides SqueakPlugin.image) on startup?
> On Fedora Core 5, Firefox (v1.5.0.3) the Petri project works fine, and
> the plugin test loads and shows the text dialog, but no navigator panel.
> Other than the navigator panel not appearing, everything else seems fine.
> Opera (Version 9.00 Beta 2): both the plugin test and the Petri image do
> not load. I get a blue rectangle, the hourglass and (in the Petri
> project) the squeakland "Loading" image. But that's it.. kinda stops
> after that. (I stopped using Opera V8 because V9 worked better. )

Opera (8.most.recent) is easy to convince (I remember I had the same  
problem getting Petri nets going). Make sure that in C:\Program  
Files\Opera\program\plugins you have the following files:
  - Squeak.exe (any recent will do)
  - Squeak3D.dll (provided by the installer, I think)
  - NPSqueak.dll (same)
  - SqueakFFIPrims.dll (any recent will do)
  - SqueakPlugin.image (this one has magic)
The latter can be refreshed from
  - http://squeakland.org/installers/SqueakPlugin.image.zip
It does not matter where the above files come from, you can copy them from  
Firefox's or IE's directories, they don't know which browser vendor they  
are working for and the browser vendors believe that the NP prefix in  
NP*.dll is magic.

I also made sure that my Opera*.ini knows about

Files\Opera\Program\Plugins\NPSqueak.dll,NPSqueak,sts,|Squeak Source  
Files\Opera\Program\Plugins\NPSqueak.dll,NPSqueak,pr,|Squeak Project  

Since the time I did the above the Petri nets work for me, so I was  
surprised that other people do see the "golden" navigator panel. But now  
that I learned that it does NOT appear in your case I can sleep much  
better :-)

Thanks for sharing your experience.


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