[Newbies] Tables for WideString?

Алексей almih99 at mail.ru
Fri Jun 16 18:27:29 UTC 2006


I have problems with WideString. (realy not with WideString, but
debugger brings me to this class). When I send #beginsWith: message to
WideString, squeak invokes String>>beginsWith: and this method  use
For String matchTables (AsciiOrder CaseInsensitiveOrder
CaseSensitiveOrder) contains 256 bytes.
So when invoked 'matchTable at: myWideChar asciiValue + 1' -- i get
error -- 'subscript is out of bounds'.

How to fix this?
I must create my own huge tables for wide strings?

And another question.
From class definition for WideString
'String variableWordSubclass: #WideString'
What means 'variableWordSubclass' and is it restrict me in some way,
or I can ignore this?


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