[Newbies] how to create an object (of a selection of classes)

Jeroen van Hilst jeroen at keizerrijk.net
Thu Jun 22 23:07:56 UTC 2006

Best List,

Im very curious to the the 'smalltalk way' to write the following code:

| shape morph |
(2 atRandom == 1)
ifTrue: [shape := RectangleMorph]
ifFalse: [shape := EllipseMorph].
morph := shape new.

I've tried something like:

(#(EllipseMorph RectangleMorph) at: (2 atRandom)) new.

But thats too silly ? Is there some connection to get a class from a symbol
? Or is that the wrong direction ?

Thanks in advance,

    - Jeroen - aspiring squeaker.

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