[Newbies] what's the existing projects to save objects?

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at laposte.net
Sat Jun 24 07:34:02 UTC 2006


> I search to save an object (and the objects which possibly
> composed it) onto a storage medium ("serialization"?).
> I hope with your great kindness (too much? )  you could give
> me some ways to explore or some names of projects...

"Create your object(s)"
myObject _ {'abc' . 3 . $g}.

"Open a ReadWriteStream (not a simple WriteStream, because of a bug?)"
fileStream _ FileStream forceNewFileNamed: 'myObject.obj'.

"Open a ReferenceStream on your ReadWriteStream"
serializeStream _ ReferenceStream on: fileStream.

"Use #nextPut: and #nextPutAll: to put all your objects into the "
"reference stream."
serializeStream nextPut: myObject.

"Close the streams"
serializeStream close.
fileStream close.

"Here are the steps to get your objects back"
fileStream _ FileStream fileNamed: 'myObject.obj'.
serializeStream _ ReferenceStream on: fileStream.
myObject2 _ serializeStream next. "Use #next to get your objects back."
serializeStream close.
fileStream close.


Damien Cassou

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