[Newbies] What was first: the chicken or the egg?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Jun 28 19:09:57 UTC 2006


  I noticed that this one only got a one-liner from Ron, but I felt to
explain it a bit more.

  First, the better paper to refer to is:


> In Squeak, what was first: VM or image?

  If we are specifically talking about Squeak, I'd say the image was
the first, but could have been in the other way.  The image was
created from the Apple Smalltalk image, and the part of the Squeak VM
was also written in the same Apple Smalltalk.

> It is said the Squeak VM is created by itself, but how to run the first image file?
> And how to creat the first image file?

  It was actually hosted in an existing (another) Smalltalk

> I wondered whether the VM C source code should be first created?

  The first VM didn't depend on any C code, but other

  And, I think a philosopher recently declared that the egg was first
before chicken.  Following his theory, a non-chicken creature bore an
egg, but it was a chicken-kind egg.

-- Yoshiki

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