[Newbies] EmphasizedMenu question

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu Jun 29 03:14:18 UTC 2006


  Did you get responses?

> (EmphasizedMenu
> selections: #('bold' 'plain' 'italic' 'struckout' 'plain' 'nice menu!')
> emphases: #(bold plain italic struckOut plain bold))
> startUp

  In Squeak 3.8 or such, if I change it to:

selections: #('bold' 'plain' 'italic' 'struckout' 'plain' 'nice menu!')
emphases: #(bold normal italic struckOut normal bold))

, it works.

> Gives me the "MessageNotUnderstood" error:

  For a doesNotUnderstand: error, it is usually helpful to look at the
context "one below"; the context that is sending the unknown selector
to an object.  In this case, it is a bit tricky because the selector
not understood is sent via #perform:, but if you look at the
currEmphasis variable in the debugger, you'll see that #plain is what
the object doesn't understand.

  This gives you a clue.  The object understands #bold, but not
#plain.  In this case, you select the string "bold", and press
Alt-m.  It shows the implementors of #bold and there is onle one of
them. (TextEmphasis class).  If you browse full the TextEmphasis
class, you can guess that you should use #normal instead of #plain.

-- Yoshiki

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