[Newbies] What was first: the chicken or the egg?

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Thu Jun 29 07:12:58 UTC 2006

Thansk you, Yoshiki

Your answer is the just one that solves the puzzle in my mind.
So, I am sure you can solve another puzzle in my mind about metaclass.

All things in Smalltalk are Objects include Classes,
all Classes are instances of MetaClass.
I consider this structure bring on an  advantage that we get a clean idea,
and we can make a simple VM which needn't distinguish:
1. common objects and Classes;
2. Classes and MetaClasses.
But, why metaclass structure  like this:

- Simbba

2006/6/29, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at squeakland.org>:
>   Hello,
>   I noticed that this one only got a one-liner from Ron, but I felt to
> explain it a bit more.
>   First, the better paper to refer to is:
> http://users.ipa.net/~dwighth/squeak/oopsla_squeak.html
> > In Squeak, what was first: VM or image?
>   If we are specifically talking about Squeak, I'd say the image was
> the first, but could have been in the other way.  The image was
> created from the Apple Smalltalk image, and the part of the Squeak VM
> was also written in the same Apple Smalltalk.
> > It is said the Squeak VM is created by itself, but how to run the first
> image file?
> > And how to creat the first image file?
>   It was actually hosted in an existing (another) Smalltalk
> environment.
> > I wondered whether the VM C source code should be first created?
>   The first VM didn't depend on any C code, but other
> Smalltalk.
>   And, I think a philosopher recently declared that the egg was first
> before chicken.  Following his theory, a non-chicken creature bore an
> egg, but it was a chicken-kind egg.
> -- Yoshiki
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