[Newbies] Hello your assistance is needed in this project

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Mr. Tutu, 

Please forward your money to squeak so that we can teach new users!  


I'm guessing that this slipped past our moderator.


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> Dear One,
> I know you will be surprised to receive this letter.
> First I must Introduce myself; I am Mr.Tutu J.Malinga, of the Republic of
> Liberia (West African Republic) and the Chief Security Adviser to Charles
> Taylor, former President of the Republic of Liberia, who was forced to
> resign on August 11,2003 by the United states Of America and other African
> States for the sake of peace after fourteen years of ravaging civil war in
> Liberia. Charles Taylor is currently on exile.
> I got your address through the South African Information Exchange
> (S.A.I.E.).For fourteen years today there has always been growing
> opposition and rebellion against Charles Taylor.
> Earlier last year the advancement of the rebels toward the capital
> Monrovia has been unstoppable because of the support the rebels receive
> from countries, which are against Taylor and his policies. Due to this
> war, on the 23rd February 2003, was mandated by the president to proceed
> to South Africa, to purchase ammunition from the Arms Manufacturing
> Company In South Africa (ARMSCO) to fight the rebels. This mandate and
> instruction was backed up with US$42. Million (Forty Two Million United
> States Dollars) in cash, and was delivered by diplomatic immunity into
> South Africa. I have already purchased the first batch of ammunition at
> the sum of US$30 Million (Thirty Million United States Dollars), which was
> delivered in June, and was negotiating for the purchase of the second
> batch when the president was forced to go on exile.
> I saw this as a golden opportunity to divert this money, I have already
> deposited this balance of US$12 Million (Twelve Million United States
> Dollars) with a security Company, without declaring the actual content of
> the consignment. I am presently residing here as a refugee. The financial
> laws of South Africa do not allow a refugee to operate an account. In view
> of this, coupled with the way the money was acquired, I have decided not
> to invest this fund in South Africa, and solicit for the assistance of a
> reliable and trustworthy international business man who can assist me to
> recieve this fund,in overseas for investment.
> For your efforts, I am prepared to offer you 25% of the total sum while if
> you will assist me recieve this money into your overseas account. I have
> also set aside 5% of the total money for expenses that might be incurred
> during the process of this recieve, and 70% will be for my investment in a
> profitable venture in your country or anywhere else you may advice.
> >From the above, you will understand that my entire life and future
> depends on this amount, as such I shall be very grateful if you can assist
> me. Please note that this transaction is risk-free,as I have all the
> documents from
> The security Company,the major thing I demand from you is absolute
> assurance that the money will be safe when transferred into your account.
> If you can be of assistance, kindly contact me Also send me your private
> fax and phone numbers for easier communication and confidentiality of this
> transaction.
> Yours Sincerely.
> Mr.Tutu J.Malinga,
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