[Newbies] Squeak and the Keyboard

Shawn MacIntyre smacintyre at mac.com
Thu May 4 12:21:30 UTC 2006

I've been playing around in squeak for a few months now and one thing  
that I find really frustrating is that it appears difficult to figure  
out what all keyboard shortcuts are, what support there is from the  
keyboard for editing text, and how to customize it. I have read a  
number of tutorials but I am still confused.

Is there an exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts?
If not, how does one find out what keyboard shortcuts are defined in  
an image?

Are there any packages or support for moving around text with the  
same speed and ease as vi or emacs?
Is there a vi or emacs keys package for squeak?
I would love to learn "squeak keys" but from all the documentation I  
have read, it seems very notepad-ish. Have I completely missed the boat?

I use vi and emacs extensively and I love the fact I can customize  
the way the keys work. How can I do this in squeak?

I love the whole browser idea, I just hope I don't have to keep  
touching my mouse so much when navigating the browser and that when I  
edit a method, I am able to move quickly around the text without  
touching the mouse.

Thank you and I really appreciate your help,

Shawn MacIntyre
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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