[Newbies] A squeak machine?

Jim Davis jim.p.davis at gmail.com
Fri May 5 08:20:23 UTC 2006

I'm just a post silicon test engineer for a company that is developing a
object oriented medium grain parallel processor on a chip. It's quite a bit
like a FPGA, but the chip implements ALU state machines and table lookup
logic. It has multiply / accumulate (dot product) units, datapath muxes and
lots of memory. The kicker is it's a tagged architecture, with 5 bits riding
shotgun on the 16 bits of data. That's 8 bits of tag and  2 ready bits for a
real-world 32 bit object.  I've heard talk in the office that a
harvard/princeton machine demo hack implementation would be nice, but  that
seems really 1950's .My first thought was to build a FORTH machine, or a
bunch of forth machines, But Squeak seems really attractive and it goes well
with the object oriented mindset of the company and the chip.
So? do you think I should burn a couple hundred hours of my own time trying
to cook this up?
BTW: this thing runs at 1 GHz and has 256 alu's,  64 macs,  tons of
registers and scratch and  2X266 Mhz 40 bit ddr2 dram interfaces with 256
Mwords of store..
AKA: Mr Jones.
Just how do I implement a parallel or massivly pipeline(d) squeak machine?
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