[Newbies] A squeak machine?

Bob Courchaine bobc at nfldinet.com
Fri May 5 13:33:16 UTC 2006

Hello, Jim!

Not sure this is the place to be getting info on that level. My
understanding is that this list is more for beginning users/application

Tim Rowledge (http://www.rowledge.org/tim/squeak/index.html) has had
quite a bit of experience w/ things at the VM level and regularly chimes
in on the squeak-dev list (squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org) with
valuable info on porting, etc.

I'd suggest you post your ideas, questions, etc over there.

Squeak on bare metal is something many folks are interested in.

Good luck and keep us posted!


Jim Davis wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm just a post silicon test engineer for a company that is developing a
> object oriented medium grain parallel processor on a chip. It's quite a
> bit like a FPGA, but the chip implements ALU state machines and table
> lookup logic. It has multiply / accumulate (dot product) units, datapath
> muxes and lots of memory. The kicker is it's a tagged architecture, with
> 5 bits riding shotgun on the 16 bits of data. That's 8 bits of tag and 
> 2 ready bits for a real-world 32 bit object.  I've heard talk in the
> office that a harvard/princeton machine demo hack implementation would
> be nice, but  that seems really 1950's .My first thought was to build a
> FORTH machine, or a bunch of forth machines, But Squeak seems really
> attractive and it goes well with the object oriented mindset of the
> company and the chip.
> So? do you think I should burn a couple hundred hours of my own time
> trying to cook this up?
> BTW: this thing runs at 1 GHz and has 256 alu's,  64 macs,  tons of
> registers and scratch and  2X266 Mhz 40 bit ddr2 dram interfaces with
> 256 Mwords of store..
> AKA: Mr Jones.
> Just how do I implement a parallel or massivly pipeline(d) squeak machine?

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