[Newbies] Color>>hex doesn't work ...

Benjamin Schroeder benschroeder at acm.org
Sat May 6 13:08:55 UTC 2006

Hi Steve,

> Hi,
> Color>>hex in my 3.8 image sends a 'radix indicator not found' error.
> This seems to be because SmallInteger>>printStringRadix: puts a "10r"
> or "-10r" at the start of the printed value when asked for base 10,
> but doesn't put in a "XXr" when asked for other bases.

What is an example that causes the error?

And - are you talking about Color's class method hex:? e.g.

	Color hex: 0.43

I ask in case you have a package loaded I don't, or something of that  
nature. (I don't see a "hex" instance method on Color in my base 3.8  
image, but I did note that the hex: class method eventually calls the  
kinds of things you're talking about.)

I agree that the printStringRadix: behavior looks kind of funky. I  
wonder if it's to conform to some quirk of the ANSI standard (only  
because the comment mentions it), or if it expected printStringBase:  
to put the "XXr" on there in other cases, or some other thing.

Ben Schroeder

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