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Steve Moffitt stevia at citlink.net
Tue May 9 15:27:10 UTC 2006

This is being forwarded as Hernán is not a member of list.

Hi Steve,

ListItemWrapper was meant to be subclassed rather than used directly,  
and as
you said its not simple at all.

Answering your question what you need to do is to have your own
ListItemWrapper class and make it answer to #contents with an
OrderedCollection of your item subitem´s ListItemWrapper instances.

For a complete example of HierarchicalListMorph you can look how I  
did it in
Jacaranda (look for it in Squeakmap, and in the DiagramOrganization

hope it helps.

p.s. if you wish you can forward this mail to the beginners list. I  
am not


On 5/8/06, Steve Moffitt <stevia at citlink.net> wrote:
 > Hi -- I sent this to beginners list but didn't get a reply so will
 > try here.
 > Hi all -- and thanks in advance. I'm finding
 > SimpleHierarchaelListMorph not so simple. I can add items to the list
 > easily enough if code that follows is anywhere close to being right,
 > but how would I add a subitem programactically to item 1.
 > x :=            SimpleHierarchicalListMorph
 >                         on: [ OrderedCollection with:   
 > with: 'item 1')  ]
 >                         list: #value
 >                         selected: nil
 >                         changeSelected: nil
 >                         menu: nil
 >                         keystroke: nil.
 > y := x  getList.
 > y add: (ListItemWrapper with: 'item 2').
 > x list: y.
 > x openInWorld
 > I've looked at the examples and still not getting it.
 > Again thanks,
 > Steve

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