Why #method? WAS "Re: [Newbies] Multiple constructors"

Bob Erb bob.erb at gmail.com
Fri May 12 21:22:14 UTC 2006

Here's a question I feel comfortable asking on the Newbies list. :-)

What's the hash mark signify when used as a prefix to a method
name, as in the snippet below?

On 5/12/06, Ralph Johnson <johnson at cs.uiuc.edu> wrote:
> Because instance creation methods are just methods (but on the class,
> instead of on the instance), you can define as many as you want.  Look
> at class Date.  There is #today, #tomorrow, #yesterday, #newDay:year:,
> #newDay:month:year:, #year:day: #year:month:day:

- Bob Erb

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