[Newbies] reading lines from textfiles on Linux

Charles D Hixson charleshixsn at earthlink.net
Mon May 15 22:13:51 UTC 2006

I'm having a lot of trouble trying to read in one line of text on a
Linux system.

the commands:
| fil lin |
fil    :=    CrLfFileStream new.
fil open: 'aising/data/technologies.csv' forWrite: False.
Transcript cr; show: (fil).
fil    ascii.
Transcript cr; show: 'LineEndConvention = '; show: fil lineEndConvention.
fil reopen.
lin    :=    fil nextLine.
Transcript cr; show: 'lin 1 = '; show: lin.

Fail at the attempt to reopen.  (Or, alternatively, either an attempt to
"fil position: 0" or "fil position: 1".
If I don't test the line end convention, the entire file is read into
the first line.  If I do the test, the result is that the protocol is
"lf" (which seems the right answer).  If I open the file in a standard
text editor, it looks correct, and has 43 lines + an empty 44th line
(that I believe is created in th editor).

I at first tried to copy the example from the "cookbook" exactly:
file := FileStream fileNamed: 'test.txt'.
[file atEnd] whileFalse:
[line := file nextLine. "Process the line"]

(well, I used StandardFileStream rather than FileStream, and I changed
the file opening to
tmpFile    :=    StandardFileStream open: 'aising/data/technologies.csv'
forWrite: False.
    [tmpFile atEnd]    whileFalse:
        [    temp    :=    tmpFile nextLine.

When everything in the file ended up read into the first line, I started
trying alternates...so far without success.

Any suggestions?  I'd try using the code without modifications, but my
image doesn't appear to *have* a FileStream class.

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