Thanks! Re: [Newbies] Re: reading lines from textfiles on Linux

Charles D Hixson charleshixsn at
Tue May 16 16:35:01 UTC 2006

David Shaffer wrote:
> OOPS, sorry for posting this twice but I want to make sure that my
> comments end up in the right thead...
> Charles,
> Ah, I see the problem. 
> ...
> Now, your question might be "Which is better?".  The utility in
> CrLfFileStream comes when you might get files with either convention. 
> That is, when you want the same code to be able to process CR, LF and
> CRLF line-terminated files.  If you have no need for the flexibility
> then I'd stick with the second version (the one which uses FileStream).
> I hope that helps...
> David
Thanks David, and thanks to everyone else that helped, too!

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