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cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Thu May 18 12:31:33 UTC 2006

Hi Roel  ;)

 Anything which extends that period
> of time I turn into methods, so that they get saved with the rest of
> my code. It frequently happens that these methods turn into 'class
> methods' in a protocol 'examples' (PS: I fo not know how much of a
> newbie you are -- don't hesitate to tell me that I'm talking chinese
> here!).

I think I'm newbie level 2 or 3 lol
I 'm ok with most of concepts and the squeak environement but I still need
practise...and in general Im a newbie in programming...but anyway, you
didn't talk chinese here ;)

For the methods that you use to test things, turn them into unit
> tests. Testing is a very good ractice (I am glad you do already).

actually, I put two kind of stuff in workspace, tests of functionnlaities I
try to obtain... and also documentation on thinks I discover ...  like for
instance, I need to manipulate XML file, so I have a worspace for my XML
experiments... same for connecting a postgres database... etc etc ... It's
more a reminder of what I did and what were the results... It could be done
in an external text file but I find it handly to direclty write in workspace
(except when I need to use a previous image...)

> turning the pieces of code into unit tests you (1) will be able to
> run them all by themself instead of selecting and executing them
> manually one by one, and (2) you can again save them with the rest of
> your code. So, if you have some code like the following in your
> workspace:
> "Test whether + does what I think it does"
> 3 + 4 "should give 7"
> You can:
> - create a class 'PlusTest', subclass of TestCase.
> - in class PlusTest, create a protocol called 'testing'.
> - convert your workspace test in a unit test by putting it in a
> method whose name starts with 'test'
> testAddition
>         self assert: (3 + 4 = 7).
> - open the TestRunner tool
> - find your class in the list and you can execute your tests.

Thanks for this tip
thats true that I can make tests with some code tries...
I thought unit test had to be associated with a given application but I can
also do tests for my experiments ...

Thanks Roel
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