[Newbies] Re: workspace on:file

Roel Wuyts Roel.Wuyts at ulb.ac.be
Thu May 18 19:37:56 UTC 2006

[snipped some things]

> actually, I put two kind of stuff in workspace, tests of  
> functionnlaities I try to obtain... and also documentation on  
> thinks I discover ...  like for instance, I need to manipulate XML  
> file, so I have a worspace for my XML experiments... same for  
> connecting a postgres database... etc etc ... It's more a reminder  
> of what I did and what were the results... It could be done in an  
> external text file but I find it handly to direclty write in  
> workspace (except when I need to use a previous image...)

For these I create separate classes. For one, it means that your code  
stays inside your development environment: from time to time, when I  
do senders of a method, it turns out I already used the method I'd  
like to find information on. Code in workspaces, and even worse, in  
external text file do not do this for me. Matter of opinion, I guess.

> Thanks for this tip
> thats true that I can make tests with some code tries...
> I thought unit test had to be associated with a given application  
> but I can also do tests for my experiments ...


BTW: Which cdrik are you ? Since you give the impression that you  
know me...

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