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cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Thu May 18 22:42:00 UTC 2006

> For these I create separate classes. For one, it means that your code
> stays inside your development environment: from time to time, when I
> do senders of a method, it turns out I already used the method I'd
> like to find information on.

 very cool :)   I'll use that too (for senders :) ) ...
so for monticello, I create some classes that store methods with useful code
snippets... I ll rememeber ;)

That is (was) a problem for me too. How do I recover some code (more
hacking) I made to adapt some tools (browser, buttons, menus) ?... not that
it is important but it'is interesting to recover to see what I did with...
Now I place methods I add  (or change) in a category where the name is
prefixed by *....   so as I can save it with Monticello without wasting the

Code in workspaces, and even worse, in
> external text file do not do this for me. Matter of opinion, I guess.

It's not really code but more commented texts (notes) on different topics, a
kind of personnal help  (how-to)

I think it'll help me... ;)

I think I found a good compromise... I tweaked a bit the FileList2 to open a
directory called workspaces where I store my text files I want to keep. Only
two panes with files list in this directory (left)  and content (right)...
texts can still be excuted and alt+s saves the file :).

actually I find this little tool very useful after using it a bit... I
really like the fact we can acces all and change to adapt !
just by rewriting 5 methods I have the tool I needed (to take notes while
using squeak)  :)

thanks squeak and thanks all for sharing your good practises ;)

> BTW: Which cdrik are you ? Since you give the impression that you
> know me...

I was at Bruxells (student volonteer) so I know you a bit and I saw you in
Paris too (Smalltalk party) :)

see you
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