[Newbies] Problems starting demos in wxSqueak

Brooks Bridges brookermau at yahoo.com
Sat May 20 01:11:01 UTC 2006

I'm at a loss and know it must be something simple(stupid?).
  I've played with Squeak and worked thru Chamon Liu's Smalltalk Objects and Design and done some tutorials.  
  I thought I'd load wxSqueak and try some of the demos. I'd like to  start working with the wxWidgets GUI library.  I downloaded to c:\  and unzipped so running in c:\wxsqueak0.4.1-demo  directory on  WinXP Pro.  
  Because they didn't exist in the wxSqueak download, I copied Squeak.exe  and SqueakFFIPrims.dll from a fresh download of  "normal"  Squeak  3.8.  But date on files are 9/23/2004 and 9/24/2004  respectively and Squeak says version is 3.7.1.
  It comes up with a system browser and a  Workspace with two items:
  Wx whatIsWxWidgets.
  WxDemoFrame open.
  Both give callback window: "Error:  a primitive has vailed".  It fails on
  WxLib class>> WxVariantNew
  Also, you get a "hand" cursor which invokes "do it" which you click on either one.
  I see all the Wx classes, etc., in the browser.  
  Can someone please get me over this hump?  
  Thanks, Brooks
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