[Newbies] What kind of application for Squeak

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Mon May 22 15:14:58 UTC 2006

Hello Pierre,

PL> I'd like to program a management software for table tennis tournament.
PL> Is it possible to build that with squeak ?
PL> Is it possible to load and run a smalltalk application by a dummy user
PL> without being faced to smalltalk environment ?

as Bert replied: both are definitely possible.

For the latter, on the swiki you will find some documentation on how
to deploy an application. It doesn't work without hickups any more (I
think you have to close a debugger once) but I attach what I used to
deploy an application in 3.8.

The .bat (I'm on windows) just starts a renamed VM with a renamed
image which is in the state I want it to start up and with a "script"
(start.st) which disables the flaps and the programmer facilities. My
application is added to Squeaks autostart and the changed image is

Be sure to do this with a copy of your image!!! You will have a hard
time if you try change that image.

The autostart isn't necessary, you can just leave the image in the
state you want the user to see it come up.

I wanted to connect to a database and set the date of a calendar to
the current date, that's why I used the autostart.

No need to think about deployment before the application is ready.

The second thing is the user interface.

You will be happy if you want to build a mainly graphic UI. Morpic is
your friend here, especially if you are able to create a metaphor
which fits more to the problem than to the computer.

Building a MS Office like UI you should consider WX Squeak (never
tried myself).


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