[Newbies] [Magritte] default value again

Lukas Renggli renggli at iam.unibe.ch
Sun May 28 14:47:33 UTC 2006

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Yes, this would be easier ;-)

>> I have folllowing the exercises of Magritte
>> (http://www.lukas-renggli.ch/smalltalk/magritte) but I can't set the
>> default value of nationality field.
>> Here my code:
>> descriptionNationality
>>     ^ (MASingleOptionDescription auto: 'nationality' label:
>> 'Nationality' priority: 55)
>>         options: #( 'France' 'England' 'Switzerland' 'Span' );
>>         default: 'Switzerland';
>>         beSorted;
>>         yourself
>> Somthing strange is that I have 2 selected option blanck.
>> I have try to do this with Title option and it work.:
>> descriptionTitle
>>     ^ (MASingleOptionDescription auto: 'title' label: 'Title'
>> priority: 10)
>>         options: #( 'Mr.' 'Mrs.' 'Ms.' 'Miss.' );
>>         default: 'Mrs';
>>         yourself.

This works for me. I create a new class Tester with those two  
descriptions on the class side and tried in Seaside:

	| t |
	t := Tester new.
	[ self call: (t asComponent addValidatedForm; yourself) ] repeat

1. For the 'title' nothing is selected, because the default value is  
not in the list of options.

2. For the 'nationality' Switzerland is selected.

How does your model code looks like? Is it already initialized with  
something other than nil? Maybe you should give a little more context  
(a file-out) so that your problem can be tackled ;-)


Lukas Renggli

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